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Artist Statement

My life experiences and pleasures are translated through my work as an artist and photographer. I have been compelled by the innate power of the horse and its elegant beauty since childhood, striving to capture the raw energy and motion as well as the unique emotional connection between not only man and beast, but man and earth.

I am attracted to expressive and experimental styles of working which not only generates some surprises, but also affords a sense of personal freedom.

Sometimes a viewer will look twice at an image and not immediately be certain what the subject is exactly, but will definitely experience a positive feeling. I’ve had several people respond to pieces in this collection in a pure emotional fashion without even acknowledging the subject matter.

Shooting photos digitally has proven to be invaluable in capturing rare moments of raw textured forcefulness. Continuing with a vision, I work digitally to bring out the drama in a partial painterly manner hoping to invoke feelings of an almost musical sense of connectedness.