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"Just looked through your gallery and it brings back my youth, poor kids who had to sneak into the rodeo under the back wire fence, later working on a ranch for 6 years, dealing with stubborn cattle, rolled oats, horses who had a mind of their own. Years later I went to college with a major in Fine Art, minor in Photography. I remember spending many hours at my canvas trying to get the kind of results that Photoshop now affords us. Well, by us I mean people like you who have mastered your technique and found that elusive subject matter niche. These images are the best western action photos I've seen in a long time; your artistic approach, eye for the action, and creative cropping make them so much more than the standard rodeo photos. I know very well the creative spark it takes to come up with results like this and I hope to find it myself someday. I could say I'm at a loss for words but, obviously, that's not true. The words I want to use are amazing. And beautiful. And it puts me on the leather right along with these guys." ~ Nikoneer

"Well...the client LOVES your work!!! I sent a selection to Scott this morning and he is thrilled. I think once we have the full selection we can go through and choose the pieces that will fit the catalog the best and the one's that the Hollingsworth and Gengenbach families will be buying. You are amazing and I am officially your biggest fan. " ~ Katie Hollingsworth, Western Integrity. Client - Cactus Saddlery.

"I am going to have a Karen Kelly section in my gallery in about two weeks. Will have 3 of your giclee's framed and about 5 of your prints framed, going to look good. I really love your work!" ~ Briley Mitchell, Llano Texas

"Hi Karen, um wow. Those pictures are gorgeous, breathtaking, just incredible. I had to run through them all several times just to take them in. Thank you so much, this was just what I was hoping for. Annabelle and Mark said they like them too. Really really amazing stuff there. We LOVE the cowgirl photo - it is just too perfect! And the pinecone one, and the sun reflecting off her hair ones, and monkeys in the trees, and and and.... I am truly in awe. " --Erin Jurich Finney, Ph.D

Ever since I stumbled upon your Facebook page via the Dixie National Rodeo association I have been an avid fan of your artistry, technique and process in capturing the incandecent photo's and luminous images. Many of the photos contain such colors as to envoke a three dimensional effect. The circumvolution and flurry of the action is expressed in capture. Truly masterful. - Kevin MacDonald Skelly, President, themarketinggroup, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

"I am in awe and what a collection of incredible work you have. BRAVO!! The best exhilerating work I have seen to date....truly. " - Stephanie Sheppard, Photographer, Los Angeles

"... For over forty years I have been photographing on and off. But, since I retired a few years ago, I devote most my time to photography including teaching workshops. I also judge and critique work for groups. So, when I say that I was very much moved by your work - the praise comes from someone with a very critical eye. If I was judging, I would have given you first place. However, and I am sure you know, judging is highly subjective. As I write this on one monitor, I am looking at you work on the other monitor. You are by far the best photographer in your field. Your work goes far beyond the literal look of most rodeo photography - it captures the power, motion, intensity, color and feel of the sport. Your work is truly inspirational...." - Larry Stuek

I have rodeoed for 5 years, and never have I seen it depicted as beautifully as you have done here. I have been away from rodeo longer, but you have brought me back with your work. Awesome! - Matt Beckner

Having seen this first hand at our national rodeos in Australia, it only remains to capture it like you have done.... I really like this whole portfolio. A really fresh take on a subject that has been done to death. - Alan Meyer

"Every time I look at one of your images, I think 'Damn, I wish I could do that!' Your images are absolutely beautiful! You have taken the action that I see every day and turned it into art."-Tony Bruguiere,Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) Photographer Fort Collins, CO

OMG you are just the best! I love how you crop your images even though you don't see the whole picture they tell the whole story. - Kaycee Kennedy

"I just opened your package and saw your photos. They are even more fantastic than I could have imagined. WOW and 3X Wow! The images are stunning in just about every way I can imagine. I have never seen the metallic printing put to such a good use. It really makes your unbelievable images just pop. I just can't find all the right words to express just how amazed I am at the total package of photos. There is not a bad image in the bunch. Wow!, Ya done real good there girl!"-Gregg Boyer, OwnerBoyer's Bootnshoe Western Store, Quincy,

You are simply amazing at your capture and post. Wickedly successful on many levels of photography. :) - Gene Strickland

"Karen's photography evokes so much each time I look at them, they’re eternal. Her topics and techniques are always beautifully blended. The result is an image that stands the test of time. That is so difficult to accomplish. What a success! " -Danielle Burkes Private Collectors, Sacramento, California